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We are a sketch comedy group who are based conveniently out of the dead center of the United States of America itself...we're speaking of course of Fort Wayne, Indiana. This makes us able to travel to anywhere in the Country in about 4 1/2 hours...depending on time zones. Other than that, we are working on producing a handful of television sketch comedy shows to be distributed to public access stations world wide...did I say world wide, I meant Midwest Wide, or maybe Indiana Wide for starters. However, from there World Domination is inevitable. I suppose we'll keep you posted on any live performances that come up. Keep an eye out for us on your public access station. If you live in Fort Wayne Indiana, you can now WATCH THE TWEEDLES on Comcast Cable, Verizon, or on our EPISODES page. CHECK IT OUT SUCKAHS!

Episode 1

The first episode began production in August 2006. Episode One featured eight original sketches along with two musical guest segments featuring Fort Wayne based acoustic rock band, Crouse & Brita. Episode 1 aired on Access Fort Wayne at least six times in the fall of 2006. Notable sketches include "Silly Pink Fizz Soda" (a parody of the Budweiser "What's Up!" commercials) and "Breakup Party," a commercial for a fictional compilation album featuring songs about breaking up and stalking people. The entire first episode is available online.

View the entire ep. 1 show here
SILLY Pink Fizz Soda

Episode 2

The second episode began production in May 2007 and was completed in the fall. A Fort Wayne-based rockabilly act, "The Ton Up Boys," was originally scheduled as musical guest, but encountered scheduling problems after having broken up and reforming. As a result, the second episode had no musical guest, but instead featured ten comedy sketches. The second episode is noted for more polished and streamlined production than the premiere episode.

One of the sketches, Crappy Local News, was aired in its entirety on The Pat White Show, a local afternoon talk radio program on News Talk 1190 AM WOWO. The sketch gained popularity for its satirical portrayal of Fort Wayne's local television news operations.

The second episode first aired on October 11, 2007, and is scheduled to air throughout the fall and winter seasons. As with the first episode, the entire episode is available online.

Episode 2 sketches include:

  • Crappy Local News - Pokes fun at the repetition and apathy prevalent in local television news broadcasts
  • New Porsche - A kid must decide between giving his spare change to a homeless man who needs food or to a successful businessman who needs a new Porsche.
  • Library Books - A spoof on the video from the movie The Ring.

View the entire ep. 2 show here
Tweedles Episode 2 Teaser
Crappy Local News
New Porsche
Stool Softener